Mental Health Training For You At Work

Why invest in wellbeing at work?

If your people are the heart of your business – encouraging a good mental wellbeing culture will be key to a thriving, supportive, productive workplace.

Along with providing mental health training courses to help educate yourself and your staff, you can rely on my support putting the structure in place to ensure having mental health first aiders makes sense for your team. 

You will easily be able to put systems in place that work for you, and enable you to develop your wellbeing policy and nurture your staff during their time with you.

If you are interested in a wellbeing audit or workplace mental health first aid training,  get in touch for more information.

A wellbeing audit will allow you to:

See what is and isn’t working – and improve on it – having mental health first aiders at work is a simple step to increasing the level of support and understanding for the whole of your business

Boost staff morale, and increase productivity

Get more from your staff – presenteeism is less likely, but absence will likely decrease too as your staff are better supported. When you implement mental health training for managers – you can lead the way with confidence, and you’ll see a reduction in time off for stress – saving you time and money, with a lower turnover of staff.

Increase capacity to deal with stress and pressure – whilst putting measures in place to reduce burnout. Workload is one of the highest causes of workplace stress – Mental Health Awareness training can encourage you and your staff to spot the signs early on, and take action – before it impacts your workplace.

Improved awareness of mental health will result in better resilience amongst staff, retention and employment longevity.

 Why consider a wellbeing audit?

  •  No wellbeing or support structure currently in place
  • Growing staff numbers
  • Ensure your business continue to grow well whilst supporting your employees mental health
  • Improve on what you currently do
  • Take the guesswork out of doing the right thing
  • Discover how many of your team would be interested in the role of mental health first aider, giving them a voice in the process.

Why take a soul focused approach?

  •  Invest in mental health courses and training that provide you and your staff with solid recognised mental health qualifications
  • No two groups are the same – you get a bespoke service from a qualified mental health trainer. Easily actionable content and soft skills – not just another PowerPoint 
  • Rest assured knowing that you will be seen for who you are as a business and as human beings
  • Supported with a network of referral partners in fields such as HR, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Health and Fitness
  • Mental Health Training that works around your business – take your mental health first aid training online, or organise face to face mental health training days in Essex, Kent and the surrounding areas.