Mental Health Training For Parents, Schools & Organisations

Partnerships and Collaborations

Together we are stronger than we are apart. 

Being soul focused involves looking at the bigger picture, there is more to wellbeing than just physical health. Alongside mental health training we have developed some partnerships that will mean you can be supported in as many areas as possible – we also have a large referral list for local organisations and those nationwide, so if you are experiencing difficulties with something and would like to use someone who comes on recommendation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Professional Partners:

Kingswood Group HR

Kingswood Group is a leading specialist HR Solutions business. With their team located across Essex and London we partner with organisations across all industries to provide bespoke HR Recruitment, HR Outsourcing and HR Consultancy solutions.

If you feel that you offer services that would be complimentary to mine or would like to discuss becoming a referral partner – let’s have a chat and see how that fits. Together, we can make a bigger difference.