Mental Health Training For Parents & Adults Working With Kids

Schools & Organisations

As a school or organisation you want to do all you can to protect the wellbeing of your staff and students – this is where mental health training comes in, as cliche as it might be: “knowledge is power”.

Empower your staff to look after themselves, and look out for those around them by enabling them to recognise the signs of poor or worsening mental health, and provide the skills they need, to take control.

Training your staff will mean:

As an employer, you will be better equipped to meet your legal responsibility to help your employees and meet the core standards set out in the ‘Thriving at Work’ report commissioned by the government in 2017.

And you’ll be able to do it with greater compassion and understanding – building better relationships with your team and growing stronger together as a result.

You school or organisation will have a network of people they can turn to when things are difficult
Your students benefit from having leaders who genuinely know what to do, and can have confidence in dark times
You’re less likely to lose staff to unnecessary sick days due to presenteeism as your team will be better able to handle tough moments
As a school, your mental health culture will improve, as will your strength as a team
Coming together as an organisation or school to recognise red flags, be aware of mental health triggers such as trauma, pressure and stress will ensure you adhere to your mental health policy swiftly

Mental Health First Aiders are trained to support someone who is suffering, to get the help they need as soon as possible. With discounts available for group bookings, two-day Mental Health First Aid training courses start from £104 per person – bespoke needs can be discussed.

Parents & Carers

As parents, or an individual working with or caring for young people – it can be hard to know if you’re getting it right. Especially when it comes down to looking after your own, or their mental wellbeing.

When mental health is an unknown territory – it can be even scarier to navigate. Having tailored training that is designed for you and not a workplace or office situation, will help you feel assured and relaxed.

You may wish to have a better overall understanding of what mental health is, and what you can do if you see red flags in yourself, a friend or your children – mental health awareness training will enhance your knowledge and skills.

If you’re looking for a deeper set of skills to be able to sign post someone to professional therapies, help in times of crisis – First Aid for Mental Health will further your awareness and qualify you to be a wellbeing champion and mental health lead at work.

For parents, there may also be significant areas of mental health that you wish to know more about.

For instance:

How do you have a conversation about self harming?
What is anxiety and how can you support a young person experiencing long term anxiety?
What is the difference between teenage moodswings and depression?

If you want the answer to any of these questions, get in touch to organise training.

Separately, I will be holding online webinars and workshops in the future.