Mental Health Training For Parents, Schools & Organisations

Parents & Carers

As a parent or carer – your role can be demanding, high pressure and loaded with responsibility. It’s hard to know if you’re getting it right. Especially when it comes down to looking after your own, or anyone else’s mental health.

If mental health is unknown territory – it can be even scarier to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be. Empower yourself and your children, by learning about your mental wellbeing, and the signs and symptoms that you or someone you care for are struggling with maintaining good mental health.

Mental health awareness training with Soul Focus is there to simplify things and break them down into easy to understand, relatable chunks you can apply to your everyday life. We also offer First Aid for Youth Mental Health courses, which are tailored to recognising different elements specifically around young peoples mental health, not a workplace or office course, and the training is designed for you, to help you feel assured and relaxed.

When you understand what to look for and how to prevent your mental health from deteriorating – you give yourself the power to take action and to pass that knowledge on.

Maybe you have questions about:

How to start a conversation about self-harming?
What is anxiety and how can you support a young person experiencing long term anxiety?

What are the differences between ‘teenage mood swings’ and depression?

How can you help your teenagers cope with exam pressure?

What do eating disorders look like and what can you do to support someone with one?

If you want the answers to any of these questions, or something else – get in touch to organise your mental health training.

The more we educate ourselves, and the next generation, the bigger role we play in breaking down the stigma around mental health and encourage people to speak up.

There are regular mini-workshops run via the Facebook page or distance learning courses which can be booked here.

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If you want the answer to any of these questions, get in touch to organise training.

Separately, I will be holding online webinars and workshops in the future.