Can you improve teachers mental wellbeing?

Teachers mental health is so important – with long hours, and the need to be on from the beginning to the very end of the working day, the daily pressure and stress can sometimes be exceptional. With statistics showing many leave the profession within 3 years as a result of the rising stresses and workload – it’s time for teachers mental health to be taken seriously!

But how do you improve it? Read on for 7 ways to improve teachers mental health and wellbeing.

  1. Engage with your staff and ask them what they need.
  2. Follow through and provide it – and ask for feedback
  3. Organise staff wellbeing activities
  4. Provide regular mental health training and time to do it. Allow for Key staff members to be given extra training to take on roles within the team as mental wellbeing leads.
  5. Communicate and keep channels open, supportive and without judgement.
  6. Make mental health a priority, just as much as physical health – let your teachers know that if they need help, they can reach out for it.
  7. Download my free teachers’ wellbeing calendar for daily wellbeing prompts.

Whilst this list isn’t exhaustive – it’s a good starting point.

For more ways that I can help your school improve teacher mental wellbeing, get in touch.


Stressed teacher, and title - 7 ways to improve teachers mental wellbeing